Why Deane

Online Uniform Management

The provision of an easy-to-use interface sits between your uniform management requirements and our commitment to customer service. This is a critical component of our Best Customer Experience promise.

Uniform Management

Our world-class ordering and management system, SILK, provides a user-friendly portal that is easily tailored to meet your specific needs. With support from a dedicated IT team, we offer full management tools to control customer ranges, allocation rulings and approval processes.

Easy Control

SILK offers a handy set of management tools which make your life easier and cater to the unique needs of your business.


    Allocations based on a dollar value or garment quantity per wearer.


    Customers have the ability to set up unlimited personalised profiles.


    Equivalency capabilities allow for complex allocation rule sets.

    Easy Renewal

    Customers can set allocation renewal on any specified date.

Easy Setup

SILK provides a full set of tools for setup and continuous management of your uniform throughout the life of the contract. Even better, its simple and flexible interface, means you can administer it yourself.

    Order Approvals

    Review and approve staff orders to make sure you stay within budget.


    Administrators can set up team members, allocations, roles or order-on-behalf.

    System Integrations

    SILK has the capability for integrating with our customers' ERP system. 

    Card Payment

    This platform also offers credit card payment for self-funded items.


We provide access to valuable management reporting at any time, anywhere, on desktop or mobile, so that you can manage your spend and stay within budget.


Order History

Order history reporting allows customers to view and track previous orders.


Budget Management

The easy-to-access management reporting tools help you to control spend.


Stock on Hand

An important tool to manage risk and ensure you we have the stock when you need it.

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