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Deane has always offered a dynamic service, so it is a pleasure to work with Compass Group

Compass Group is the largest contract food service company in the world. Supplying uniforms for their 2,500 staff across New Zealand, we use an ever-evolving model that services their constantly shifting needs.

Having come from a multi-supply-chain environment in the early 2000’s, Compass wanted to streamline and maintain consistency by working with a stable, one-stop shop supplier. Importantly, they also wanted to know they could trust this supplier to provide everything in full and on time.

We work closely with Compass to forecast changing needs based on peak and low season demand patterns, all the time overseeing daily stock movement to ensure all sizes are catered for delivery within the time frame required.

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With staff working in over 360 locations across the country, Compass has a range of localised needs for each region. This has seen Deane’s relationship with Compass grow from strength to strength as we work together on developing specific ranges and ensuring all sub-accounts are handled with the quality of service and deliverables for which we are renowned.

We have worked with Compass on projects such as developing the uniforms for Air New Zealand’s Koru Club Lounges, Medirest and DHB services providing individual size fittings for all locations involved.

Where we really showed our ability to cope was during recent changes to the company. Where Compass had previously re-evaluated just a small number of key ranges every five years, the company now supplies over ten key ranges which are updated within much tighter timeframes.

As a result, Deane must be able to present a new range, size up, brand and dispatch within a short period of time. What’s more, Compass’s fast-paced nature means we are constantly evolving with them to deliver their uniforms and support their growth. Even when time is of the essence, Deane’s on-shore manufacturing facility means we’re able to deliver specially made to order garments including maternity wears allowing Compass to stay consistent in their uniforms.

It is a task we have proven more than capable of but more than just providing a fast solution, we take pride in our smart solution proving once again that Deane is the brand successful brands wear.

Anmol Gupta - Compass
The People

Designed for Tough Work

Deane uniforms are designed to handle the toughest environments, and workplaces do not get much tougher than a commercial kitchen. Anmol Gupta is the 2017 Upper North Island Chef of the Year and Senior Kitchen Manager with valued Deane client, Compass. It’s a role that demands a reliable, functional and versatile uniform.

Not only does she run a kitchen where ovens, stoves and fryers set temperatures soaring, she also manages the kitchen staff, writes the rosters, controls costs and creates mouth-watering menus. Meanwhile, with a busy home life, Anmol simply doesn’t have time to be concerned with the clothes she puts on before she walks into her bustling workplace.

Luckily she can rely on her Deane uniform to keep her cool and comfortable, whether she’s running a kitchen or running a discerning eye over contracts in the office. Anmol knows she’s wearing quality clothes that ensure the safety of herself and her staff as they stand over the flames of a hot stove.

But her workwear is more than just a functional, safety-first uniform -- in fact, it brings her a sense of confidence and satisfaction: “When I put on my Deane uniform, I feel proud.”

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