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From winning the Foodstuffs South Island contract in 1991 to clothing 19,000 staff covering both islands and the spectrum of brands under the Foodstuffs banner.

In the FMCG business, delivery in full and on time in vital. Consistency in sizing and quality is essential and our team of Account Managers based both in the South and North Islands gives Foodstuffs the confidence that we are authentic partners.

As we have expanded our partnership with Foodstuffs, we have been involved in several uniform transitions. As a consequence, project management, DIFOT and stock maintenance have been key as we deliver an enhanced user experience. Our regular call cycles to all of Foodstuffs’ 500-plus stores, ensure we respond quickly to the diverse needs of each location and as a single point of supply, we act as gatekeeper in maintaining the common brand, logo and presentation of the uniform.

Our history together also means Foodstuffs knows that Deane maintains cost-effective, smart, functional, durable and easy-care ranges as we understand the business needs of the uniform. As both Foodstuffs and Deane have aligned ERP’s to interface ordering processes, the daily requirements are communicated quickly and easily.

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In order to make the uniform experience as smooth as possible, our staff assist with fittings and alterations and offer full support for store fit-outs and new store builds. We also have proactive stock management to ensure there is a constant garment supply. This means we’re ready to roll whether Foodstuffs needs a large order of our commonly stocked garments, or just a few bespoke, made-to-measure items.

For Foodstuffs, it is the seamless end-to-end uniform experience we offer that allows store operators to concentrate on feeding the nation of New Zealand!

Tim Wilson - New World
The People

Ease of Ordering

The pressure of running your own business means the process of ordering uniforms can seem like a burden, but with Deane’s smooth ordering and dispatch process, the weight is taken off allowing you to spend more time ensuring your business is performing at its peak.

Tim Wilson is the store operator of New World Pukekohe. When he started, he was the youngest New World owner, aged just 25. In charge of one of the lower-decile stores, Tim used his customer service experience and business acumen to turn the store around, proving himself to Foodstuffs as a valuable businessman. Now, he’s the store operator of the brand new bustling Pukekohe store, where his passion for helping customers has only grown. At the end of a satisfying day at the store, Tim heads home to his young family knowing his staff represent New World in smart, stylish and serviceable Deane work wear.

With proactive management tools to ensure stock is in constant supply and with full support services for fitting and alterations, Deane goes the extra mile with Foodstuffs to ensure a seamless and reliable experience for store operators like Tim. Of course for Tim, it is the customer interactions which make every day special. Tim’s staff wear Deane uniforms as he knows he can rely on Deane to manage, manufacture and deliver the best quality clothing leaving him to concentrate on what he loves the most: delivering a quality experience to his customers.

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