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A new purpose built uniform designed to last another generation.

Cleanaway is Australia’s largest total waste-management solutions company with over 5,500 staff, and over 4,200 wearing a uniform daily. When Cleanaway decided to appoint Deane in 2015, it was essential they were partnering with a uniform supplier that values quality above all else and that could execute a large scale, well-managed transition program. This is particularly the case when you consider that much of Cleanaway’s workwear is personal protective equipment.

Our customer relationship took off with a quick turnaround engagement, after the waste management giant rebranded in early 2016 from Transpacific to Cleanaway. In order to ensure a smooth transition, every order was shipped with Cleanaway embroidery, packed individually and sent to each of the company’s 250-plus branches.

This dynamic start to our relationship with Cleanaway allowed us to showcase our abilities – speed, reliability, functionality and ensuring a seamless uniform transition.

Our next task was working together to integrate our ERP Systems with that of Cleanaway to ensure easy ordering, dispatch and payment of invoices. This has resulted in many time and cost-saving benefits for both businesses.

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The apparel supplied to Cleanaway’s employees includes our high-visibility safety garments for members of staff with more hands-on roles. Working around the clock and with dangerous equipment and chemicals, it is vital for all employees to be safe in their garments. The high-visibility sizes are available up to 7XL so we are able to accommodate every shape and size to ensure everybody feels like a member of the team and is safely visible in potentially hazardous situations.

Cleanaway further use Deane uniforms for their Sales staff and Management roles. With a variety of garments on offer, all corporate wear is fit for purpose and practical for the job whilst also being a stylish way to represent the Cleanaway brand and logo.

Deane’s ability to combine functionality with fashion, makes our garments stand out and allows customers such as Cleanaway to depend on a single manufacturer to create their whole range – from high-vis safety apparel, all the way to corporate wear.

Members of Cleanaway staff in some 4,000 trucks and dozens of offices, wear Deane uniforms allowing them to proudly dress for a successful day, every day of the week.

Robbie, Tristan and Shane - Cleanaway
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Good for father, sons and generations to come

With high-visibility safety garments made of durable fabrics that are suitable for all weather, Robbie, Tristan and Shane depend on their Deane uniform for both safety and visibility in their day-to-day lives. It is important for this trio of Cleanaway employees to know their whole team are safe in their workwear, because they are more than just colleagues – they are family.

When Robbie started working for Cleanaway in 1981, he had no idea how much of an impact the company would have on his future. Today, Robbie and his two sons- Tristan and Shane; dress in their Deane uniform and head into the early morning glow for another day on the job. Working with huge industrial trucks, it is imperative all Cleanaway staff can get on with their job without losing concentration due to uniform malfunctions. Robbie also turns up for his shift knowing his sons are safe in the uniforms they are wearing.

While the uniform Robbie wears may have changed since Deane came on as Cleanaway’s uniform partner, his interactions with the public are still the same; well, mostly the same. “Before wheelie bins, it was metal bins which had to be picked up. Work started at midnight and sometimes the residents would play tricks on the garbos,” Robbie says. “They might put live chickens in the bins so when we would pick them up the chickens would fly out.”

He tells the story with a laugh, but his uniform is no laughing matter and when it comes to Deane workwear, Robbie and his sons know they are dressed by the best.

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