NRMA Celebrates 100 Years With New Uniform

The NRMA is Australia's largest member-owned organisation with over 2.6 million Members across NSW and the ACT. Prior to the design of the new uniform, the NRMA brand had undergone a refresh, including a logo colour change, creating a new look and feel overall.

As a large organisation with many divisions, contractors and franchisees, the challenge was to provide an affordable range that would be adopted by all, and available within reasonable time frames.

It was important to the NRMA that their staff were comfortable and happy with the way they looked. Knowing that everyone has different style and tastes, they wanted to provide options with a range that could be mixed and matched. This meant finding items that aligned with the new brand colour palette, worked well together, suited different shapes and sizes, and were available as stock items.

Deane hit the mark instantly with the sample garments we provided. We were able to offer the NRMA the solution they were looking for due to our great range of stock items combined with our ability to alter them into bespoke items, all within reasonable time frames and costs. Deane also provided flexible online ordering to accommodate the requirements of both the NRMA and its franchisees.

Deane began working with the NRMA mid-2018 which involved a great deal of teamwork and collaboration on the branding guidelines and specifics of the range. Supply commenced early 2019 to the following divisions:

  • Corporate & Warehouse Teams
  • Driver Training
  • Finance
  • Fleet Team
  • People Services
  • Roadside Managers
  • Technology Team

Deane also collaborated on the NRMA Centenary, celebrating 100 years with new corporate polos and branding launched across the business in early 2020. Then distributed reusable face masks across the business mid-2020 to protect the team and their customer base.