Hassle-free uniform management

Fonterra Co-operative Group has been a loyal Deane customer for more than a decade and over this time we have built a solid relationship of trust.

Fonterra has confidence that Deane will take care of their uniforms while Fonterra supplies over 30 per cent of the world’s dairy market.

Of course, while the relationship is longstanding, it is anything but dated. Together, we have developed an innovative full uniform management system for Fonterra through their own internal portal which is also linked to their resource planning software.

Fonterra’s revenue makes them New Zealand’s largest company, with over 21,400 members of staff for Deane to dress. Being a co-operative of more than 10,000 farmers, the expectation is that Deane supplies garments that, while comfortable for everyday wear, are tough enough to be industrially laundered to meet food production and hygiene standards.

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Deane began working with Fonterra in 2006 and our relationship is a case study in Deane’s ability to deliver a variety of high-quality ranges in a quick turnaround time. We have in turn guided this iconic New Zealand co-operative through development and supply of a vast range of garments, from corporate-branded uniforms to workwear, overalls and dustcoats for processing plants. It’s a relationship that has been a pleasure for both parties and regardless of the uniform, Deane consistently provides Fonterra with reliable, functional and fashionable uniforms for every member of staff.

Over the years working with and developing uniforms for Fonterra, our relationship has led to shipments to over 100 locations across New Zealand and with our unparalleled choice in sizes, there is room for everybody in our uniforms.

The Fonterra story is defined by the efforts of hardworking men and women across New Zealand and it is this industrious nature and durability which Deane aims to recreate in every uniform.

Shane and Kelly Ashley - Fonterra
The People

A Long Family History

As a dairy producer, hygiene is critical for Fonterra so the pressure is on to make sure the uniforms don’t risk the quality of its products. Shane Ashley knows he can rely on Deane’s durable, functional overalls to make his life easier.

Shane’s work in a hygienically sealed, tightly controlled laundry room is pivotal to the smooth running of Fonterra’s Clandeboye site. Every member of the Clandeboye team needs to be dressed in a clean Deane uniform to adhere to strict hygiene standards and continue production at the Southern Hemisphere’s largest producer of natural mozzarella. Having started out as a baker in the Clandeboye cafeteria, Shane knows firsthand the importance and confidence of putting on a clean, fresh Deane uniform.

Working with Shane is his wife Kelly, who is in the Amenities Team and assists Shane in delivering clean uniforms to and from the laundry to the changing rooms. It is a critical role – simply put: if Shane and Kelly do not deliver pristinely clean Deane uniforms every day, production would grind to a halt leaving hundreds of people unable to do their jobs. Shane and Kelly can enjoy their weekend hikes without worrying about work as they have the utmost confidence in Deane garments to withstand the rigours of industrial laundering.

Without Shane and Kelly, Fonterra’s Clandeboye staff would be unable to carry out their work in their trusted Deane uniforms, and without practical, reliable Deane uniforms, the Southern Hemisphere would lose its richest source of mozzarella!

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