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Aviation Security Services (AVSEC) required a uniform that would provide a clear message about the importance of safety in air travel, both internationally and locally.

In 2011 Deane and AVSEC embarked on the challenging but significant task of redesigning the AVSEC’s 15-year-old uniform.

Our brief was to design fit-for-purpose garments that are comfortable, as well as easy to wear and care for, while also sending a strong message about the uniqueness of New Zealand. Quality and consistency were vital too as AVSEC staff require an image that displays their authority in the security field.

Working closely with AVSEC, we developed a full range of designs, which were taken through research, testing, prototype sampling and finally to mass production. The end result was an entirely bespoke polo shirt, featuring a large Manaia on the back, worn with functional trousers in both ladies and men’s fit. The result is an image like no other security staff in the world – a simple yet smart way to dress.

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In order to bring this project to fruition, Deane had to fit over 1,000 individual members of staff to ensure everybody had the right fit and felt confident in their new workwear. It was the ideal blend of personalised local customer service, combined with large-scale manufacturing capabilities using our off-shore supply chain.

As with so many Deane customers, the uniform is the defining image of the trade for AVSEC staff, so vigilant stock management is key to our relationship. What’s more, every employee irrelevant of their shape or size, must work in uniform so our on-shore manufacturing capabilities are invaluable.

Deane offers a one-stop shop for all uniform requirements, allowing AVSEC to protect our borders while we clothe their staff.

“The uniform is comfortable and easy to manage and the AVSEC emblem along with the coat of arms and AVSEC Manaia printed on the back, makes the uniform stand out compared to others. I feel proud to wear a uniform that represents the kind of service we provide to the general public and the authority which it represents.”

Joel Armstrong - Avsec
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Uniforms that signify Authority

When you work security at a busy airport in an environment that is high stress and potentially dangerous, you want to feel confident and comfortable throughout the working day. It’s also imperative your uniform conveys a sense of authority.

When Avsec employee Joel Armstrong puts on his Deane workwear every morning, he sees the New Zealand Manaia emblazoned on his eye-catching uniform and he knows his clothing is a constant reminder of the country that he and his team are protecting every day at work.

Having worked at Avsec since 2005, Joel has progressed throughout the ranks to become a Team Leader and has worked with colleagues of all shapes and sizes. With the huge variety of sizes Deane offers, Joel knows every member of Avsec feels like part of the team.

Joel is extremely passionate about Avsec and the vital work he and his colleagues do in safeguarding New Zealand, so it’s pivotal that he dresses every morning in clothes that reflect the importance of his role: “I feel proud to wear a uniform that represents the kind of service we provide to the general public and the authority which it represents.”

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