Our Products

Designed to Empower

Designed to be on trend and stylish yet also functional, our high quality garments will present a consistent sharp image beyond current expectations.

Hospitality Range

We are delighted to share our new Hospitality Range. We love creating uniforms that offer comfort and freedom of movement so our customers in hospitality can get on with their tasks, whether in the kitchen or front of house.


Corporate Range

As our workplaces and work habits change, so to do our work wardrobes. While the need to look and act professionally in a corporate environment is as important as ever, a more casual approach to corporate clothing has become apparent. The latest Deane collection captures the essence of the modern workplace with a range of stylish, comfortable and easy to maintain garments.


Seen & Safe High Visibility

Established in 1932, the Deane brand has built its reputation on safe, high quality workwear. This expertise has earned Deane its iconic status in the workwear category. Any garment carrying the Deane brand has been designed and manufactured using rigorous construction techniques using fabrics and components that are guaranteed to perform in the workplace.


Made Tough Workwear Range

Our clothing must be tough enough to survive any work environment and industrial laundry. Deane garments provide protection to our Australasian workforce day in and day out.


Fire Retardant Range

The workwear for industries that involve molten metals and electrical hazards must meet exacting government standards, but protection in hazardous work environments is only half the battle. For this specialised workwear to be effective, the garments must be comfortable, cool and functional even in the most extreme working conditions.


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